Raised bed for pets, cats and small dogs INDIEN – white


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This product is handmade in European Union (EU), with great care. (European workshop with more than 23 years of experience)

  • The structure is made entirely of solid pine.
  • The thickness of the structure : 3 cm x 3 cm.
  • Dimensions : height 95 cm / footprint 64 x 64 cm / usable area 51 x 49 cm (see photo 2)
  • The textile fabric is in COTTON 100% (density : approx. 300 gr./square meter)
  • The threads of the textile fabric are first dyed and then woven into the canvas, which gives increased durability to the colors of the fabric.
  • The textile fabric is removable (it can be easily removed from the frame)
  • Color of structure : white / Model and color of canvas : small squares, beige and white.
  • Multi-Purpose : with the aesthetic modern cloth design, this tent house provides a safe and comfortable resting place for your pet, while also serving as a home decoration.

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